Blozone Hole
A New Theory on the Ozone Hole

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I have worked in New Zealand and Australia and international markets, leading many industries. Undertaking restructuring and strategic direction for corporations in many fields, solving large complex problems.

I have worked with fluids, liquids and gases in circulation and vacuum environments. During this time I have written papers and presented at international conferences on equilibriums, relationship transfer and the influences of temperature. There was a natural attraction to Earths equilibrium with CO2.

The education and political system is generally structured to narrow the individuals perspective by inserting the established dogma, rather than create a visionary outward free thinking individual. This is particularly evident in the atmospheric sciences with indoctrination of the unfounded evils of CO2 starting in children.

There has never been a greater need for innovation and fresh thinking, even better if those theories challenge and upset the status quo. That is after all what the art and business of science is all about.

Published articles:
Cropp, M. (2009). Earth's Temperature/ CO2 Equilibrium Prior to 1850. Energy & Environment, 20(1), 191-196.

Patents held: In the areas of reversing equilibriums for vapour removal.